Restaurant Review: Bistro La Minette – 6 Sept 13

Friday evening, special B and I stopped by this French restaurant to try it out.  You see, special B is in search of the perfect creme brulee as he desperately reminisces of a childhood event when he first tasted a creme brulee dessert back home with dad.  He was nostalgic and I was hungry….perfect dinner match!

What went well:

Food is great.  We highly recommend the escargots, the soup (potage Saint Germain), the porc chops (Cotes de porc).  The baguette was excellent, so was the butter! The service was good.

What was so-so:

The rabbit (le lapin) was good, but I’ve eaten better at a local Belgian restaurant.  Also, the creme brulee was better than what special B has tasted so far in the tri-state area, but not good enough…the search continues!

What went wrong:

The lemonade with alcohol (cannot recall if it was rum or some soft liquor) was too sweet with an unpleasant after taste.  I didn’t like it at all.

Overall: Would go back to try more items on the menu, and stay away from cocktail drinks 🙂

Pictures below.  Have you been to the bistro, if so what was your verdict? Please share!

sissiEats_bistroLaminette_cremeBrulee sissiEats_bistroLaminette_haricotVerts sissiEats_bistroLaminette_lemonade sissiEats_bistroLaminette_coteDePorc sissiEats_bistroLaminette_lapin sissiEats_bistroLaminette_potagestgermain sissiEats_bistroLaminette_escargots


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