Tried and True Series – 7 Sept 13: Chicken and Herbs

My friend, Miss Cay, was discussing her tried and true list over at her Instagram page.  It was such an excellent idea I am using her approach to motivate me to try different recipes (and justify the purchase of millions of cooking books that I seldom use….).

The first trial for this series is fairly simple: chicken and herbs.  I am posting original recipe and picture, as well as Sissi’s trial 😉  It turned out well, and the master tester (aka my very picky baby brother) loved it….I guess we passed the test! Let me know what you think!

TriedNtrue_8sept13_original2 TriedNtrue_8sept13_original1

Mixing mint with almond and lemon juice


Chicken I roasted, here half cut as I was getting ready to serve 🙂


And the final product! Pretty close to the original picture 🙂 Good job!trieNtrue_8sept13_pic3

If you would like to try a different recipe for Chicken and Herbs, some links below! Let me know how yours turn out 😉


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