Cuba Libre – 17 Sept 2013

Special B and I went on a date last Friday at Cuba Libre.  We originally planned to do Amada, but we realized we had already visited the restaurant about a month ago.  I’ll try to remember to upload pictures from Amada in my next post.

Cuba Libre is a favorite of ours.  My first ever visit was as a chaperone to a dear friend of mine and her fiance at the time.  I was very uncomfortable and was secretly wishing they would behave properly.  I needed worry, they are a very cute pair.  Above all, they are very close friends and I love the way she looks at him…We sat on the balcony that night, enjoyed great food while Tito El Bambino sang in the background…Getting carried away.

For our last visit, special B and I sat on the balcony again.  The decor is pretty interesting with high and low tables, cuban inspired murals and a bar.  Its ambiance definitely encourages private discussions while the background music is clear enough to avoid uncomfortable silence.  Some pictures below.

What went well: The bread with mango butter is very good.  Highly recommend the “15 tastes of Cuba”, an all-inclusive tasting menu, when available.  Also the mojito is the best in the city in our opinion.  I like the classic, but mango and pineapple are excellent as well.

What was so-so:  The restroom with an old liquor bottle for soap….cool idea, if it closed properly 😉

What went wrong:  The server was really nice, but a little too attentive…OK am being picky.

Have you been to Cuba Libre? If so, please rate below!

cubaLibre_17sept13_10 cubaLibre_17sept13_9 cubaLibre_17sept13_8 cubaLibre_17sept13_7 cubaLibre_17sept13_6 cubaLibre_17sept13_5 cubaLibre_17sept13_4 cubaLibre_17sept13_3 cubaLibre_17sept13_2 cubaLibre_17sept13_1


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