Warmdaddy’s – 22 Sept 2013

Yesterday, Miss P and I went for a dinner at Warmdaddy’s.  This was my first visit and will definitely come back.

What went well:  The food is great! Highly recommend the south jerk chicken roll and the blackened tilapia with shrimp and crab.  I didn’t try any dessert, no more space left!  Menu here. The musicians were great! Remix of “My Girl”, “If I was your woman”, and additional hits by Temptations.  Also, the background jazz prior to the arrival of the live performers was awesome! I was introduced to John Legend live performances (I know, which planet do I live on, miss P said, but John Legend was not on my radar…).

WarmDaddy_23sept13_11 WarmDaddy_23sept13_10 WarmDaddy_23sept13_9 WarmDaddy_23sept13_7 WarmDaddy_23sept13_8 WarmDaddy_23sept13_6 WarmDaddy_23sept13_5 WarmDaddy_23sept13_4 WarmDaddy_23sept13_3 WarmDaddy_23sept13_2 WarmDaddy_23sept13_1

What was so-so:  So much food! Seriously.  This is authentic Southern food I hear, so they pile on the butter but it is good (not for my waist though).

What went wrong:  Arrival of the live musicians…could have been smoother.  Also, it gets pretty crowded so the waitresses take a long time to take your order.  The food is served quickly though.

Have you been to Warmdaddy’s before? What do you like most about it?


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