Barbuzzo Dinner Night – 24 Oct 2013

Last night, my two brothers and I stopped by Barbuzzo in search of some good Mediterranean food.  Overall impression was Okay…the style is small plates for sharing.  Not that mediterranean to me…  Detailed review below!  If you’ve been to Barbuzzo before, please take our poll below!

barbuzzo_dessert1 barbuzzo_main_1 barbuzzo_main_2 barbuzzo_dessert2 barbuzzo_main_3 barbuzzo_main_4 barbuzzo_main_5

What went well: We were quickly seated, lighting encourages conversation (sweet dates), music is lively though not overly loud.  We recommend the Lardo, Stuffed Meatballs and the Apple Bread Pudding!

What was so-so: The Margherita was good and fancy (after all, “san marzano” sounds better than “tomatoes”, though we are referring to the same item, right 🙂 and house stretched fior di latter is a special type of cheese).  I have to admit the tomato, sorry san marzano, did almost taste like meat. Other dishes were good but over-priced in our opinion.  We have been to other small plates styled restaurant, and portions are larger.

What went wrong: Portion and price.  While the dishes were good, we have definitely eaten better elsewhere.  also, there are multiple high quality small plates restaurants in center city and old city offering larger portions at the same price…

What’s your verdict on Barbuzzo? Poll below!


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