Tried-n-True series: Pan-fried Pork Chops (6 Nov 13)

TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_1 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_3TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_2TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_4TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_8 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_7 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_6 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_11 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_10 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_9 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_13 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_12 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_11 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_16 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_15 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_14 TnT_bread_pork_chop_4nov13_17

I tried the pan-fried pork chop recipe from the PioneerWomanCooks; served with fried vegetables Sissi style 😉

Master tester’s grade: 4 stars out of 5….

Let me know what you think of the chops when you try yours!


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