Review: Nom Nom Ramen

It has been brutally cold lately so I stopped by Nom Nom  for a delicious and warm soup.


What went well: the staff is always nice and polite; the soup is delicious!! This is my third time coming back….it’s a rich pork broth with seasoning, meat, egg (for an extra dollar) and ginger roots. Yum!!

What was so-so: the place is usually packed at lunch time but seats are freed up quickly so the wait is not too bad

What went wrong: nothing, loved the soup!


Padma Lakshmi and Stairs Workout

It’s winter and running outside is last on my mind so I have been looking for alternatives to stay fit.  One alternative is to walk longer to commute to and from work.  Now, I recently found an interesting article with tips from Padma Lakshmi, the Top Chef host.  I do not know much about her except for a scar she bears and the fact that she looks real compared to other models.  You can somehow relate to her looks.

Padma Lakshmi & Daughter Krishna Out And About In New York

image credit to

I do not watch the show (maybe I should) but I found it interesting that she advised to use stairs whenever possible…I guess I should stop the laziness with the escalator…Let’s do the flight of stairs next time!

The original article here and here.


Tried-n-True Series: Southern style collard greens with oven roasted chicken (8 Nov 13)

I found this recipe for southern style collard greens from Paula Deen….however, I did not have ham in the fridge…so I used turkey bacon instead 🙂

Master tester’s grade: 3 stars out of 5 (he has never liked vegetables).  I personally liked the greens.  I roasted some chicken pieces and pan-fried some corn – both Sissi style 😉

serving_greens_corn_chicken_4nov13 chicken_oven_roasted_simple_4nov13 corn_fried_breadcrums_4nov13 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style_2 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style

Breakfast and Baking Series: Breakfast to try ( 7 Nov 13)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is one of my favorite food blogger (did I mention I own two of her cookbooks 😦 )  I lover her simple recipes, and they are always crowd pleasers!

I saw this picture of her sausage and kale breakfast casserole….now I want to try it! Stay tuned for an upcoming tried-and-true to grade her recipe!


The original recipe by Ree Dummond HERE. Let me know if you try it out first!