Tried-n-True Series : Garlic Sauce with Broccoli/ Fish and Beef Filets (TnTS 3 Oct 2013)

Last Tuesday, I looked for a cheesy garlic sauce to mix steamed vegetables with.  Found this Rachel Ray recipe.  Turned out great.  Instead of red pepper, I added powdered cayenne pepper.

Served with a beef steak seasoned with salt pepper and olive oil for Master Tester who dislikes fish.  Also served breaded fish filets for my other brother.

Master tester approved the meal!  Pictures below, let me know how yours turn out.



tnt_3oct13_fish_filet_ready tnt_3oct13_steak_beef_cooked tnt_3oct13_bechamel_broccoli_mixed tnt_3oct13_bechamel_sauce2 tnt_3oct13_fish_filet tnt_3oct13_beef steak_salt_pepper_olive_oil tnt_3oct13_broccoli_steamed tnt_3oct13_bechamel_sauce