TnT: Chicken and Dumplings

So, my first official Tried and True entry for the year: The Chicken and Dumplings recipe from BS in the Kitchen.

So I took a look at the picture below and decided to give it a try!  The recipe available HERE.


However, I did not have time to make dumplings…so I skipped the dumpling phase and served with veggie chili and pita bread.  See below:

IMG_5734 IMG_5733


Summary of TnT entry:

Clarity of instructions: very clear instructions

Ingredients: basic ingredients that should be already available in kitchen or easy to get in local store

Level of difficulty: 1 (fairly straightforward)

Sissi’s Grade: 3.5 stars, the taste is really good and the recipe gets me outside the rut of repetitive weekday cooling, but I feel it’s just a good comfort recipe, nothing overboard…which is a good thing.  Just feel it could be better….had I made the dumplings, maybe my rating would be different 😉

Master Tester’s Grade: 3 stars…very good but room for improvement.

Let me know how yours turns out!


Tried and True Series: One shade of Chicken Thighs and MacNCheese (TnT 17sept13)

While at Target, I stumbled upon yet another cook book but this time I held on NOT to purchase it.  It is entitled ’50 Shades of chicken’.  Agreed, a very poor attempt to draw attention to the popular adult novel (not the Anatomy Grey).  I did not read the book and do not intend to.

Back to the shades of chicken, I browsed through the various recipes and decided to try on the chicken thighs with white wine caramelized onions….It is called the “Dripping Thighs recipe”, whatever that means? I wish I could share a link to the recipe online but there is a video I did not check, and do not want to check just in case the publicity stunt goes too far for my sensitive eyes 🙂 feel free to google the recipe name on your own and you should get a quick access to it.

Below, my tried and true pictures.  Master Tester said it was good but could do better 🙂 I feel should have added some honey…on the other hand, not a fan of  too sweet dinners.   Served the thighs with the Foulds Mac and Cheese.  Let me know how yours turn out!

50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_4 50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_5 50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_6 50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_1 50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_2 50shadesChicken_triedNtrue_3

Tried and True Series – 7 Sept 13: Chicken and Herbs

My friend, Miss Cay, was discussing her tried and true list over at her Instagram page.  It was such an excellent idea I am using her approach to motivate me to try different recipes (and justify the purchase of millions of cooking books that I seldom use….).

The first trial for this series is fairly simple: chicken and herbs.  I am posting original recipe and picture, as well as Sissi’s trial 😉  It turned out well, and the master tester (aka my very picky baby brother) loved it….I guess we passed the test! Let me know what you think!

TriedNtrue_8sept13_original2 TriedNtrue_8sept13_original1

Mixing mint with almond and lemon juice


Chicken I roasted, here half cut as I was getting ready to serve 🙂


And the final product! Pretty close to the original picture 🙂 Good job!trieNtrue_8sept13_pic3

If you would like to try a different recipe for Chicken and Herbs, some links below! Let me know how yours turn out 😉