Review: Friday night at Tabblon

Special B and I were at Tabblon to chill out after a long week.  The restaurant is a very low key BYOB establishment, but the food is pretty good!!

I had the salmon and highly recommend it! Also they had he better chicken with rice and veggie combo I have eaten at a latin restaurant yet…liked the empanadas as well!

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Restaurant Series – Anh Hong Pho Cafe (28 Sept 2013)

Special B and I stopped by one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants: Anh Hong Cafe.  The original plan was to get the ‘pho’, a classic dish made of burning hot beef broth with raw meat (the meat is thinly sliced so that it cooks in the hot broth), basil, peppers, peanut roots and rice (or egg) noodles.  However, we decided to try on the Special BBQ deal first…then we could not finish our pho and had to take them home.

What went well:  the food is succulent!  The charbroiled barbecue pork never disappoints.  The BBQ shrimp and the spring rolls are delicious!!  The portions are large and should fill big appetites.

Annpho_restaurant_27sept13_1 Annpho_restaurant_27sept13_2 Annpho_restaurant_27sept13_3 Annpho_restaurant_27sept13_4

What was so-so:  the tea cups.  I don’t know if am lunatic, but for some reason, the tea cups in asian restaurants seem to isolate the heat from the liquid and you rarely get burnt.  The cups at Anh Hong did not have the special thermal barrier as my tongue did feel the heat 😉

What went wrong: the beef stew with egg noodle.  No, did not like it at all.

In case you like pho, there are many recipes online. The link HERE is the one am looking forward to testing out in an upcoming Tried-N-True series.  Stay tuned!

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