Review: Jane G Upscale Chinese Restaurant

Last Friday, two of my coworkers took me to lunch (to celebrate my engagement) at this very hipe chinese restaurant, and it was so good! Review of Jane G below, let me know if you agree!

The food: I’ll give it a B+ (only because it is my first time and I was not particularly fond of the wonton soup).  We had the Philosophe Chicken (very well prepared…I wonder how philosophical the poor chicken was…), Dan-Dan Noodles (the best I’ve had in Philly!), some spicy shrimp and a peanut chicken (very average).  Overall, very good food. Checkout their menu.

janeG_chinese_review2_april14 janeG_chinese_review1_april14

The decor: I loved the simplicity with black walls, occasional red dragons and hanging lamps, and white chairs. The ambiance is great for late night dinner with friends where you want to be able to talk and be close to each other.

The location: in Center City, close to Rittenhouse square. As you can guess, traffic is an issue but there is a parking lot right next to the restaurant.

What went well: The food was great and the whole experience was nice

What was so-so: I’ve had better wonton and peanut chicken at local Chinese restaurants so they can improve

What went wrong: There was a mix up in our orders but quickly corrected, so no complaint.

Sissi’s verdict: Will be back!