Welcome 2015!!!

I have not posted anything in soooooo long (though most of my food pictures are on instagram now).  Well, let’s change this behavior.  I am now into the green smoothie movement (I just started today) and I do not know where this will lead, but I shall hand on for at least 21 days (the challenge).

This morning, my smoothie consisted of half lime juice, soymilk, one banana, one apple, one bag of Quaker oatmeal and few leaves of Kale.  Was not as bad as I thought but this is truly a test of my stamina.  Let’s see how it goes. A picture of my first green smoothie on instagram.


Padma Lakshmi and Stairs Workout

It’s winter and running outside is last on my mind so I have been looking for alternatives to stay fit.  One alternative is to walk longer to commute to and from work.  Now, I recently found an interesting article with tips from Padma Lakshmi, the Top Chef host.  I do not know much about her except for a scar she bears and the fact that she looks real compared to other models.  You can somehow relate to her looks.

Padma Lakshmi & Daughter Krishna Out And About In New York

image credit to celebritybabyscoop.com

I do not watch the show (maybe I should) but I found it interesting that she advised to use stairs whenever possible…I guess I should stop the laziness with the escalator…Let’s do the flight of stairs next time!

The original article here and here.


Healthy Living: Running before breakfast (4 Nov 13)

Apparently, not only does morning exercise boost heart rate and burn calories….but it also prevents us from over-indulging throughout the day….

See New York Times article HERE and the follow up article HERE. Personally, running in the cold winter is NOT fun…hmmm.  How do you push yourself out of the house in the cold?


Image credit to healthyliving.azcentral.com