Breakfast: Eggs, Potatoes and Bacon

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Tried-n-True Series: Southern style collard greens with oven roasted chicken (8 Nov 13)

I found this recipe for southern style collard greens from Paula Deen….however, I did not have ham in the fridge…so I used turkey bacon instead 🙂

Master tester’s grade: 3 stars out of 5 (he has never liked vegetables).  I personally liked the greens.  I roasted some chicken pieces and pan-fried some corn – both Sissi style 😉

serving_greens_corn_chicken_4nov13 chicken_oven_roasted_simple_4nov13 corn_fried_breadcrums_4nov13 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style_2 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style

Breakfast and Baking Series: Breakfast to try ( 7 Nov 13)

The Pioneer Woman Cooks is one of my favorite food blogger (did I mention I own two of her cookbooks 😦 )  I lover her simple recipes, and they are always crowd pleasers!

I saw this picture of her sausage and kale breakfast casserole….now I want to try it! Stay tuned for an upcoming tried-and-true to grade her recipe!


The original recipe by Ree Dummond HERE. Let me know if you try it out first!

Healthy Living: Running before breakfast (4 Nov 13)

Apparently, not only does morning exercise boost heart rate and burn calories….but it also prevents us from over-indulging throughout the day….

See New York Times article HERE and the follow up article HERE. Personally, running in the cold winter is NOT fun…hmmm.  How do you push yourself out of the house in the cold?


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