Review: Jane G Upscale Chinese Restaurant

Last Friday, two of my coworkers took me to lunch (to celebrate my engagement) at this very hipe chinese restaurant, and it was so good! Review of Jane G below, let me know if you agree!

The food: I’ll give it a B+ (only because it is my first time and I was not particularly fond of the wonton soup).  We had the Philosophe Chicken (very well prepared…I wonder how philosophical the poor chicken was…), Dan-Dan Noodles (the best I’ve had in Philly!), some spicy shrimp and a peanut chicken (very average).  Overall, very good food. Checkout their menu.

janeG_chinese_review2_april14 janeG_chinese_review1_april14

The decor: I loved the simplicity with black walls, occasional red dragons and hanging lamps, and white chairs. The ambiance is great for late night dinner with friends where you want to be able to talk and be close to each other.

The location: in Center City, close to Rittenhouse square. As you can guess, traffic is an issue but there is a parking lot right next to the restaurant.

What went well: The food was great and the whole experience was nice

What was so-so: I’ve had better wonton and peanut chicken at local Chinese restaurants so they can improve

What went wrong: There was a mix up in our orders but quickly corrected, so no complaint.

Sissi’s verdict: Will be back!


Tried-n-True Series: Southern style collard greens with oven roasted chicken (8 Nov 13)

I found this recipe for southern style collard greens from Paula Deen….however, I did not have ham in the fridge…so I used turkey bacon instead 🙂

Master tester’s grade: 3 stars out of 5 (he has never liked vegetables).  I personally liked the greens.  I roasted some chicken pieces and pan-fried some corn – both Sissi style 😉

serving_greens_corn_chicken_4nov13 chicken_oven_roasted_simple_4nov13 corn_fried_breadcrums_4nov13 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style_2 collar_greens_bacon_souther_style

Warmdaddy’s – 22 Sept 2013

Yesterday, Miss P and I went for a dinner at Warmdaddy’s.  This was my first visit and will definitely come back.

What went well:  The food is great! Highly recommend the south jerk chicken roll and the blackened tilapia with shrimp and crab.  I didn’t try any dessert, no more space left!  Menu here. The musicians were great! Remix of “My Girl”, “If I was your woman”, and additional hits by Temptations.  Also, the background jazz prior to the arrival of the live performers was awesome! I was introduced to John Legend live performances (I know, which planet do I live on, miss P said, but John Legend was not on my radar…).

WarmDaddy_23sept13_11 WarmDaddy_23sept13_10 WarmDaddy_23sept13_9 WarmDaddy_23sept13_7 WarmDaddy_23sept13_8 WarmDaddy_23sept13_6 WarmDaddy_23sept13_5 WarmDaddy_23sept13_4 WarmDaddy_23sept13_3 WarmDaddy_23sept13_2 WarmDaddy_23sept13_1

What was so-so:  So much food! Seriously.  This is authentic Southern food I hear, so they pile on the butter but it is good (not for my waist though).

What went wrong:  Arrival of the live musicians…could have been smoother.  Also, it gets pretty crowded so the waitresses take a long time to take your order.  The food is served quickly though.

Have you been to Warmdaddy’s before? What do you like most about it?

Restaurant Review: Bistro La Minette – 6 Sept 13

Friday evening, special B and I stopped by this French restaurant to try it out.  You see, special B is in search of the perfect creme brulee as he desperately reminisces of a childhood event when he first tasted a creme brulee dessert back home with dad.  He was nostalgic and I was hungry….perfect dinner match!

What went well:

Food is great.  We highly recommend the escargots, the soup (potage Saint Germain), the porc chops (Cotes de porc).  The baguette was excellent, so was the butter! The service was good.

What was so-so:

The rabbit (le lapin) was good, but I’ve eaten better at a local Belgian restaurant.  Also, the creme brulee was better than what special B has tasted so far in the tri-state area, but not good enough…the search continues!

What went wrong:

The lemonade with alcohol (cannot recall if it was rum or some soft liquor) was too sweet with an unpleasant after taste.  I didn’t like it at all.

Overall: Would go back to try more items on the menu, and stay away from cocktail drinks 🙂

Pictures below.  Have you been to the bistro, if so what was your verdict? Please share!

sissiEats_bistroLaminette_cremeBrulee sissiEats_bistroLaminette_haricotVerts sissiEats_bistroLaminette_lemonade sissiEats_bistroLaminette_coteDePorc sissiEats_bistroLaminette_lapin sissiEats_bistroLaminette_potagestgermain sissiEats_bistroLaminette_escargots